Sunday, August 29, 2010

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What is "SEX TOUR SERVICE" and what is 
it offering?
"SEX TOUR SERVICE" is a company that is operated by a DESI girls Provider for sex, joy, mental satisfaction and sexy amusement service. If you have ability you can spend some money for our girl's honey. At present people cannot meet with girls for dating because of ongoing social situations. You like sex for joy but cannot get an amazing safe place for fun. And it is another difficulty for reaching to a beautiful girl’s provider company because of big sex service companies are investing lots of money for sex tour advertising, but they offering very poor quality women as their product and for this customers are unable to reach real beautiful woman service company as like us. We have survey internet about people’s sex experience on sex travel and found the result that maximum traveler's sex travel experience to Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine are very bad. Because those country’s hotels are only gather of hues amount of vuski prostitute. "SEX TOUR SERVICE" is providing a great opportunity for girls fucking in Dhaka, women sex enjoys in south Asia. This company does not provide prostitute or regular hotel going girls. We give house wife, student girl and foreign country visited husband’s wife. "Where are you staying now?" it is not a matter, book your plane ticket now and send us an email when your travel plan will landing in capital city airport: our agent 'car rental company' will take place in airport at your arrival time. We do not taking a single coin as advance, you can provide it after reaching and staying our refereed five star hotel or three star hotel. You can ask us which hotel you will rent to hire girls from us. Our have Guest House where you can stay in cheapest rate.

Cost Rate for Enjoying:
1 hour = US$100
1 day =  US$  400
3 days= US$ 1000
7 days= US$ 2100
All costs (Without eating) are included here for example Staying, Girls enjoying, transport from airport to our accommodation. 

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